1. Air Pollution

Smog rising from a city skyline with many factories. The smog rises into the air and forms into the shape of the Earth in flames.

earth on fire smoke from factoreis 6945887-taipei-city-skyline 400004-city-skyline-background


2. Living on the moon

A family going about household tasks in their home with the background/backyard Earth and space.

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3. Driving Underwater

A picture looking out of the windshield of a car which is driving underwater.

ocean-floor-background liveaboard-diving-the-great-barrier-reef tmw-383-bx-4


4.  Wildlife in the subway

An abandoned subway car with wild animals living in it.

african-wild-animalsgiraffe-trio-wallpapers The Tiger Strikes Again Wild Animals239 t_HarvardHolyoke_bhc TST2\


5. Glasses

A person holding up their sunglasses in the city during  the day and the view through the sunglasses is the city during the night.

Looking-through-the-New-Covenant-Grace-lens time-square-empty-wallpaper-3 times-square-free-download-hd-wallpaper